Sunday, 24 April 2016

Law Enforcement


I've managed to paint up a few law enforcement officers for Jim to avoid!

 Outland Judge Patrol

I ended up going for the classic Judge Dredd paint scheme for the figures as they are the old Laserburn police officers and the sculpts are very much inspired by the 2000ad comic creations. They are all stock figures apart from the central one who has had a head swap from another figure.

I would have based them up in cityscape grey but these chaps have been sitting based and primed on my shelf for about five years so it was high time I actually painted them and I am glad that I have as they were a real pleasure to work on!

Chudley's illlegal still gets a visit from the friendly local law office

I hope to get one or two more bits and bobs added to the collection over the next few days as I've had more chance to rummage through my bits boxes and have discovered a whole load of unpainted lead that I've had for ages and who knows, maybe I will get chance to play a game or two!

All the best!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Test Figures


I've managed to get a few bits and bobs painted up! I've had a rummage through my bits box and have found a fair few 15mm figures so am going to paint my way through them first and see how I get on.

I've been experimenting with different bases to represent the many different worlds that Jim operates on and am quite liking how things are turing out thus far!


The frontiersman is a classic Laserburn sculpt and is really finely detailed and looks the business with a load of great gear from a rather nice hunting rifle, sword and .75 calibre pistol!

Space Marines

Next up, theres a couple of Ultramarines that I've had for quite a while. I've got a whole load of these little guys who will eventually form a full platoon. The sculpts are from the Ion Age and make great proxy Space Marines and have the slightly stylised feel that really fits well with the Stainless Steel Rat universe.


Next up, we move onto some urban denizens. The first figure is another Laserburn miniature and painted up rather nicely with some suitably scifi togs. I need to get a load more sorted out to represent some hapless bystanders to get in the way during one of Jim's heists.

Commander Klutz Chief of Police 

Another Laserburn figure, Commander Klutz is going to be leading the local police force in it's rather inept attempts to capture the worlds most evasive criminal mastermind!

 Special Corps ESWAT Specialist

The ESWAT specialist is from GZG and is a cracking figure but possibly a bit too hard scifi for this project but I do like the idea of having the Corps providing some much needed muscle and intelligence to the local law enforcement types!

Assorted Individuals

I hope to add a few more gubbins over the next few days as I've really enjoyed painting up the little chaps and have been rummaging further into my bits boxes to find some more suitable additions to my project!

All the best!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Corps Budget Announced!

Memorandum from Inskipp:

The Corps budget has been announced at 15 Million Credits per month for the current operation to apprehend the notorious criminal The Stainless Steel Rat, James Bolivar diGriz, aka 'Slippery Jim'. 

All agents are ordered to study the attached pic file which has also been distributed to all planetary law enforcement agencies as well as League military units.
 Wanted: James Bolivar diGriz
Right! I've settled on a princely budget of £15.00 a month for the foreseeable future with the plan of getting the project underway. Is it possible to collect and game a 15mm scale campaign for such a modest budget? Now if it was 28mm scale, I suspect that I might be in for a bit more of a challenge but the joy of 15mm is that it is more than possible to do!

Now the next thing I need to settle on is where to start? Having re-read the first of the Stainless Steel Rat novels, we first meet Jim as one of his cons have been blown in the Beta Cygnus system which contains 20 terraformed or habitable worlds so I suspect that will be a good place to start the action. 

According to the book, planet III is inhabited and Jim is on the run from robotic police so I need to put together some models to represent our hero Slippery Jim, some police robots and civilians as well as some scenic madness to represent the cityscape.

Rooting round my old pictures, I managed to find this rather grainy pic of Jim that I converted many moons ago. Sadly he's now in the care of a new owner so I think I will need to replace him but I quite like the opportunity to start afresh!


I've  placed a bit of an order to get myself started and will update things soon!

In the meantime All the best!
Message ends.......

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Where to Start?


Well I think I need to spend a bit of time taking stock before launching into my new and revitalised Stainless Steel Rat project.

 The Stainless Steel Rats Revenge!

I've given the blog a bit of a spring clean with a new shiny header and removed the dead blogs from the blogroll and generally tarted things up a bit but I do have a bit of a gaping hole in the project as I no longer have any of the miniatures that constituted my old collection.

What I do have though is a decent sized board for the first time in ages as many of the games I played were restricted to roughly 2'x3' but I now have a lovely modular 3'x3' board which is just the right size for some good small scale skirmishes that will constitute my games. I also have a good collection of 15mm scale sceney that will stand in for the various worlds mentioned in the original books such as Freibur.

So where to start? I think the first thing I need to do is replace my miniatures which I hope to start doing soonish and I also need to get some more urban terrian as well as interiors to play out some RPG lite sorts of heavily scenario driven games.

Slippery Jim diGriz Approves!

Now comes the slight downside. I only have £15 a month to fund the project. This isn't acually too much of an issue as I originally started the Special Corps blog with a similar monthly budget and actually found it quite a boon as I didn't go mental buying loads of stuff but concentrated on getting just what I needed to play some games and even painting them up over a very short time period.

With this in mind, I think I am going to start my holiday with a little retail therapy and report back once I have made some progress!

I also want to spend a little time sorting out a campaign that will follow Jim's exploits starting with The Stainless Steel Rat. This will initially require me to get some civilians and police types as well as a figure to represent Jim. Once I have them sorted out, I will then start playing some scenarios which will then move onto the arrival on the scene of The Special Corps so some special agents, military types and the notorious Harold Peters Inskipp.

That should sort me out for a couple of months at least but for the meantime, All the best!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge!

Greetings and salutations!

Well it's been a considerable time since I've done anything with the Special Corps but I've recently re-read some of the Stainless Steel Rat books and have once again been enthralled by the exploits of Slippery Jim diGriz and Angelina so figured it might be a plan to resurrect the blog and start a bit of a campaign I've been pondering for some time.

The Stainless Steel Rat For President!

I have done away with my collection that I amassed back in 2010 but since then the range of 15mm sci-fi miniatures out there has literally exploded which I hope will provide me with plentiful opportunities to build a new and better collection!

There's lots of military stuff available but there's also some goodies of a more quirky and civilian sort that will make handy fodder for the project so fingers crossed I will be able to get some bits and bobs put together over the coming week or two as I have a much needed holiday from work.

Looking back at my old blog posts, it has to be said that the camera work really was lacking as was some of the brushwork and miniatures I used when there wasn't much range to choose from so I must admit that I do look forward to using some new techniques to revitalise things a bit. 

I suspect it's going to be a bit of a slow project but I am raring to go so watch this space!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Death of a Legend and an end of an era.

Well I have done absolutely nothing with this blog for several years now, mainly due to the fact that I have been at university and my Stainless Steel Rat collection has been in storage at my parents.

I was saddened to hear that Harry Harrison, the author of the Stainless Steel Rat books and creator of Slippery Jim diGriz died recently and it only seems right that I try to ressurect this project in a limited sort of way so that once again the Special Corps and James Bolivar diGriz, Angelina, Professor Coypu and Inskipp get a chance to once again tread the spaceways!

Its been a busy few years for me, leaving my job in Dundee, moving to Worcester for university, working on a feature film, setting up my own company, moving to Portsmouth and finally back up to Edinburgh and theres yet another move on the cards for next year.

Sadly my gaming budget is non existent but I do have a fair number of figures kicking around as well as a willingness to sit and sculpt more.

I think the first thing that I need to do is re-read the series as its been several years since I last had chance to peruse them and search out inspiration. Also I will be moving the action over to my new gaming blog TALES FROM FARPOINT as its far easier for me to keep one blog going than half a dozen.

Fear not though! I wont close this blog down but will keep it up as a reference and any games I play I will post the articles here too!

Hopefully I will be able to rummage out my books over the course of this week and get some serious reading and note taking done and get one or two bits and bobs sorted out for a Stainless Steel Rat game!

All the best!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Stainless Steel Collection!

I am currently up at my folks and have rummaged out my Stainless Steel Rat collection! I had been thinking of selling it off as I am having a major clear out of miniatures but as soon as I looked at the little fellows I remembered the fun I've had collecting, painting and gaming with them.

I've therefore decided to resurrect the project to a limited degree. The problem is the miniatures are here in Edinburgh and I live in Portsmouth at the moment. If I was driving back I could simply shove them in the boot and be off but as I am flying with only hand luggage, I may struggle to transport my collection.

I know one remedy would be to simply post them down but I have very (read almost no) space in my current abode as there are four of us sharing.

Therefore I am going to grab some bits and bobs from my unpainted pile and bring that with me. I hope to be able to paint them up while I am busily working away at getting my own range of sci-fi figures sculpted. I've had great fun working on my own fantasy miniatures in 15mm scale and am relishing having a go at sci-fi.

It's not going to be hard military sci-fi though as I feel there's enough companies out there doing a sterling job of covering that area. I am aiming to produce pulp and science fantasy with daring heroes swashing their buckle, damsels in distress, femme fatales, evil aliens, retro robots and more!

I have mentioned it before as I believe that there's space for miniatures inspired by Flash Gordon, Slippery Jim diGriz, Starwars and all sorts of stuff that doesn't require tons of realistic tanks and future versions of the current military!

Worry not! The rest of my 15mm sci fi collection will be reunited with me at some point once my girlfriend and myself have settled down somewhere more permanent!

All the best!