Sunday, 9 September 2012

Death of a Legend and an end of an era.

Well I have done absolutely nothing with this blog for several years now, mainly due to the fact that I have been at university and my Stainless Steel Rat collection has been in storage at my parents.

I was saddened to hear that Harry Harrison, the author of the Stainless Steel Rat books and creator of Slippery Jim diGriz died recently and it only seems right that I try to ressurect this project in a limited sort of way so that once again the Special Corps and James Bolivar diGriz, Angelina, Professor Coypu and Inskipp get a chance to once again tread the spaceways!

Its been a busy few years for me, leaving my job in Dundee, moving to Worcester for university, working on a feature film, setting up my own company, moving to Portsmouth and finally back up to Edinburgh and theres yet another move on the cards for next year.

Sadly my gaming budget is non existent but I do have a fair number of figures kicking around as well as a willingness to sit and sculpt more.

I think the first thing that I need to do is re-read the series as its been several years since I last had chance to peruse them and search out inspiration. Also I will be moving the action over to my new gaming blog TALES FROM FARPOINT as its far easier for me to keep one blog going than half a dozen.

Fear not though! I wont close this blog down but will keep it up as a reference and any games I play I will post the articles here too!

Hopefully I will be able to rummage out my books over the course of this week and get some serious reading and note taking done and get one or two bits and bobs sorted out for a Stainless Steel Rat game!

All the best!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Will 2012 Be the Year of the Rat?


Well its been pretty much three years since I did anything with this project and in that time the 15mm scale sci-fi market has seen a renaissance which has turned it from pretty much a niche market with one or two manufacturers to a mainstream one with literally dozens!

I am hoping to spend the next couple of weeks going through my unpainted stuff and finishing off what I have left kicking around! The next step will be to try and get a couple of games in as I have loads of rulesets I want to try out and even a couple of new bits and bobs I want to buy or indeed sculpt to allow me to game Slippery Jims exploits once again!

I am unsure whether I am going to continue the action on Freibur or move onto some of the other adventures of Jim. Taking a look back at my very first blog entry here I cant help but think that its long past time I try and get some of my favourite heroes and villains from the books onto the tabletop!

All the best!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

League Marines


Well I have been having a rummage through my unpainted 15mm scale figures and found these chaps:

US GI Troops

Originally from Peter Pig they are amongst the oldest figures I have in the Stainless Steel Rat project, predating it by several years they were originally purchased for a long failed World War 2 project but I never got rid of them. When I started this project I even went as far as doing a test piece for the Leagues finest:

Captain Gristle

Alas I never got any further than painting him up. Still with a new found sense of money saving I have decided to finish the platoon of them! It will provide some handy good guys for Slippery Jim to command or indeed to chase him if he commits any more felonies!

The original Captain Gristle conversion resulted in a rather heavily armoured figure whose weapon looked rather out of place. With the new conversion I am planning on lightening the armour a bit and updating the weapon to a blaster of some sort.

I plan on making a start on the little fellows once I get back to Portsmouth with the aim of getting them finished asap so I can get on with painting the rest of the bits and bobs I am taking with me which will hopefully result in there being a fully playable couple of forces to play with!

All the best!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Stainless Steel Collection!

I am currently up at my folks and have rummaged out my Stainless Steel Rat collection! I had been thinking of selling it off as I am having a major clear out of miniatures but as soon as I looked at the little fellows I remembered the fun I've had collecting, painting and gaming with them.

I've therefore decided to resurrect the project to a limited degree. The problem is the miniatures are here in Edinburgh and I live in Portsmouth at the moment. If I was driving back I could simply shove them in the boot and be off but as I am flying with only hand luggage, I may struggle to transport my collection.

I know one remedy would be to simply post them down but I have very (read almost no) space in my current abode as there are four of us sharing.

Therefore I am going to grab some bits and bobs from my unpainted pile and bring that with me. I hope to be able to paint them up while I am busily working away at getting my own range of sci-fi figures sculpted. I've had great fun working on my own fantasy miniatures in 15mm scale and am relishing having a go at sci-fi.

It's not going to be hard military sci-fi though as I feel there's enough companies out there doing a sterling job of covering that area. I am aiming to produce pulp and science fantasy with daring heroes swashing their buckle, damsels in distress, femme fatales, evil aliens, retro robots and more!

I have mentioned it before as I believe that there's space for miniatures inspired by Flash Gordon, Slippery Jim diGriz, Starwars and all sorts of stuff that doesn't require tons of realistic tanks and future versions of the current military!

Worry not! The rest of my 15mm sci fi collection will be reunited with me at some point once my girlfriend and myself have settled down somewhere more permanent!

All the best!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Stainless Steel Rat Returns!


Well I finally managed to pick up a copy of the new Stainless Steel Rat book!

The Stainless Steel Rat Returns

Its been ten years since the last book and I must admit I was excited to hear Harry Harrison was working on a new Slippery Jim novel and have been trying to find a copy for some time.

I have got about fifty pages in and its proving to be an interesting read but seems to be missing some of the fizz of his earlier escapades. Saying that its early on in the book so hopefully it will pick up a bit but even though its not his finest novel it still contains some great ideas for a campaign, especially as it features a herd of porcuswine and the country bumpkin diGriz clan!

All the best!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

McSwineys Anyone?


Well at long last I have got a new addition to the Stainless Steel Rat project in the form of a McSwineys delivery van!

McSwineys Delivery Van

Purveyor of the galaxies finest Porcuswine burgers, McSwineys is a constant in the Stainless Steel Rat books, in fact Jim at one point spent several weeks avoiding the long arm of the law by hiding in one of McSwineys automated burger restaurants so I felt it was fitting that the game should have a homage to them too!

The van originated as a Hotwheels paper van but with a shiny new paint scheme and hand painted golden M, it fits the bill as a delivery vehicle in 15mm scale. Not only that, it will no doubt find use a getaway car in the not too distant future! Once I get chance I will make a small burger bar to go along with it!

All the best!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Return of the Stainless Steel Rat!


I have sorted through my 15mm sci-fi Stainless Steel Rat collection!

Stainless Steel Collection!

I hope to be able to get some more stuff sorted out in the next couple of months for Slippery Jim so keep your eyes peeled!

All the best!