Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Delay Of Insufferable Irritation!

It looks like the troops I had requisitioned for the operation to capture the stainless steel rat have been lost somewhere in the ether! Consequently I am stuck waiting until they arrive which is causing me the utmost of impatient irritation!



Alas my order hasnt arrived from 15mm.co.uk yet (I know its only been a week but I am really wanting to get something smaller and quicker to paint than the big stuff for my Leviathan project and had been hoping to get the stuff in the post over the last couple of days!) which has put a bit of a break in getting anything done! In the meantime I have been re-reading all the stainless steel rat books and taking notes on assorted characters, organisations and useful equipment which will allow me to get my teeth stuck into painting some suitable representations of slippery Jim and co when they do arrive (Hopefully soon!)

All the best

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