Tuesday, 14 April 2009


This site has been created to chronicle the Special Corps investigations. First off I have asked our research department to compile a report on our current target of investigation: "Slippery" Jim diGriz aka The Stainless Steel Rat, De rat van roestvrij staal, die Edelstahlratte, El Escurridizo un criminale al nichelcromo and a host of other aliases.

The Arch Reprobate Slippery Jim diGriz

A career criminal diGriz is responsible for countless robberies spanning half the galaxy and I have ordered the best the Corps can offer to come up with a way of catching this reprobate. His crimes are legendary and the Corps has decided that its long past time that we curtailed his felonious activities and he be either jailed or ,preferably, recruited into the Corps.

Hence I, Harold Peters Inskipp as head of the Special Corps have decided to take personal charge of the investigation and have no doubt that the criminal diGriz will be captured like a rat in a trap!



I have decided to have a go at 15mm scale gaming and thought that as the Stainless Steel rat was may favourite book and pulp sci-fi seems to be getting a bit of interest at present I would start with him! The best thing about 15mm gaming is that you can collect forces on a really small budget and play a game on a smaller table (I only have a 4x4 foot board)

The plan is to first locate a suitable miniature to represent Slippery Jim, along with some flat footed police types and Inskipp with a small Special Corps task force. Following on from that I am hoping to add some of the characters that are featured in the books by Harry Harrison such as the beautiful but deadly Angelina, Professor Coypu, and a host of assorted heroes, villains and bystanders.

As I collect my forces I plan on posting them here, mainly in the guise of Inskipp although vehicles and high tech stuff will be reviewed by Professor Coypu and Slippery Jim will also make an occasional appearance with reports. Eventually the blog will also contain stuff from my other favourite books, movies and graphic novels ranging from Buck Rogers to Flash Gordon and feature organisations such as the mercenary company Star Risk and Cerberus Security Systems.

At present I have no really fixed plans on the site but am starting to place some small orders for the first of my protagonists!

All the best!

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