Saturday, 25 April 2009

Painted Miniatures At Last!


Heres some pics of the first of the miniatures Ive painted for the Stainless Steel Rat project!

First off it seems fitting that I should have a go at painting up Slippery Jim himself. I used one of the laserburn thugs as a basis and swapped his head for one of the civilians and after a bit of repositioning of his gun arm he looks suitable as Jim diGriz. I painted him in his traditional silver suit (The books say its a one piece job but this looks ok!) Hes mounted on a 20mm round plastic base available from EM4 Miniatures.

Arch Criminal James Bolivar Digriz

Next up heres my painted representation of Angelina, Jims nemesis and later on wife! Im not too happy with the model as Angelina is usually described as wearing skirts but none of the miniatures I could find were suitable so it will do till I can find a better portrayal of Jims beautiful but deadly wife:

Angelina: Femme Fatale and known associate of diGriz

Ive also started work on one of the Floatdiscs. I have to admit that I was quite disappointed with both the quality and cost of these chaps. First off the disc riders come in packs of two for £3.00 but when they arrived I found them to be pretty tiny and poorly sculpted (The disc isnt even round!) Saying that its painting up quite well but I doubt I will buy any more of them!

I will get a pic posted of the completed model once Ive finished basing it!


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