Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Conversion Clinic!


Just a quick update!

Ive been messing round with greenstuff and have converted one of my GIs so hes wearing some chunky sci-fi armour:

Captain Gristle of the Space Marines!

Hes a bit rough and ready but at 15mm scale its not too noticeable. I may convert a squad to support him as and when I get time!

Ive also rummaged out a couple of my painted cowboy figures from Peter Pig that Im using as frontier types. These chaps are unconverted but Ive done a bit of fiddling around with a couple of others so they have backpacks, lasers and even a couple of heavy weapons. Hopefully I will get them painted over the course of the weekend (along with Captain Gristle!)

Assorted Frontier Types

The Peter Pig miniatures paint up really nicely and I cant wait to crack on with a few more!

All the best!


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  2. Great paintjobs on the cowboys. Love what you've done with that WW2 GI. Truly inspirational.

    As a Firefly fan I'd like to see more of the cowboys with Lasers if poss!