Monday, 18 May 2009

Law Enforcement!


Just a quick update!

Heres a couple of bits I have been working on:

First off theres the police skimmer from I was quite disappointed when they arrived as they are pretty puny and the actual skimmer is really poorly made (its not even round and the detailing is pretty rubbish!) I decided to beef it up a bit with the addition of a 30mm round lipped base. It makes it a bit more substantial and painted up ok.

Police Skimmer

I decided to go for a green and white colour combination rather than the usual blue (Its the Bit o' Heaven police department colours from A Stainless Steel Rat is Born)

Next up is my police droid again from This guy has quite a bit more character (I love his dalek head and spindly arms!) I plan on using him as either a bodyguard for my police chief or in independent action to attempt to capture Jim diGriz!

Security Droid

Ive still got to complete the bases for both (I may go for a more warm earthy tone as the previous miniatures look a bit cold!) Next up I will try and get a squad of police types along with the police chief done!

All the best!

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