Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Captain Gristle Of The Space Marines!


Ive managed to paint up my captain Gristle miniature from the previous post:

Captain Gristle!

I decided to paint the miniature with bright armour as the Space Marines dont tend to be hurling themselves into battle too much in the books (Gristle is featured in The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell and at one point the marines charge into Professor Slakeys 'hell' armed with nothing but salamis as no tech works there. It may make an interesting conversion in the future!)

Alas although Ive got the paints the only brush I could find was a size 2 making painting 15mm scale stuff a bit of a challenge!

Next up is a batch of frontier types with a bewildering array of weapons!


  1. Very striking colour scheme. And a good job too! Fits with Stainless Steel Rat perfectly.


  2. I feel you on the brush thing. My smallest brush, right now, is a pretty thread bare larger brush that has been warn down to a smaller sized brush.