Thursday, 23 July 2009

15mm Ponderings


Im thinking of making the change from 28mm stuff to entirely 15mm as I have a limited gaming space and my gaming board is only 4x4 (no to mention a very limited gaming budget!) My Leviathan project is still underway but with the approach of another term at uni I dont have the time to spend days painting a single miniature.

I still plan on working on the Leviathan stuff during the hols but have found myself struggling a bit of late with it and need a change for a while.

Ive started off with the stainless steel rat stuff to see how I go and am quite enjoying painting at a smaller scale as I have been able to collect several small forces and paint them for a fraction of the money and quite a lot less time and have been thinking of having a go at the following next:

Space Captain Smith! The books by Toby Frost have got tons of really good ideas for gaming in the British Space Empire. Forces could include Smiths crew, British forces, Ghast Empire bugs, Mlag savages and of course Lemming men!

Warzone: The old 28mm scale game has such a good setting its just asking to be converted into a smaller scale!

Flash Gordon: Another excellent setting (Ive been following the Mad Welshmans blog and its got me re-reading my Flash Gordon graphic novels for inspiration!)

To help me decide what to have a bash at next Ive started a poll to see what folks would like to see done next!

All the best!


Ive had to remove the poll as it was making the blog go haywire! In place of it please feel free to post suggestions in the comments section of this post!

Most Confusing!

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