Sunday, 19 July 2009

Another Update!!


as requested I am keeping this blog up and running as it seems the public needs to see Slippery Jim in all his glory on his own blog! So without further ado heres a few more bits and pieces Ive finished over the course of the last couple of days!

More Rozzers!

A Civilian and Transport of Delight

Still To Do!

The police have now got themselves a sergeant (complete with tiny sergeant stripes and an inflated sense of self importance), completed police robot and patrol skimmer!

Have made a start on the civilians too in the form of a delivery guy with his walking robot (one of the more unusual vehicles featured in the books which moves by hopping. It is also on record as being a bit of a bone shaker!) The robot is scratch built from sculply and assorted bits. It also illustrates whi I have gone for the more colourful bases as I found the tarmac look seemed to make the miniatures appear dull and lifeless!

And finally I added a pic of all the stuff I still need to paint! Theres a mixture of thuggish types, femme fatales, more police, criminal masterminds, sheeplike civilians, vehicles and even a giant Sumatran rat to add a touch of peril!

Somewhat foolishly I managed to leave all the Peter Pig stuff in Edinburgh at my parents which is a real shame!

I will crack on with the police tonight and hopefully have nearly all of them done for tomorrow!

All the best!

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