Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Captain Steng of the League Navy


Heres a quick pic of the latest miniature I have got painted up:

Captain Steng

Steng is from the first of the Stainless Steel Rat books and is a member of the League Grand Fleet so gets a rather dashing black uniform with gold braid. Distrustful of Slippery Jim, Steng will make both a useful ally and opponent in games.

Its a bit difficult to paint highlights on black at this scale but he turned out alright. He has got a couple of patrol marines to back him up and a psi man to add some telepathic communication skill. Also needing painted are a couple of Rat Catcher mk1 scout drones which I have been working on. I will post an update later on this morning with more images of the Leagues finest!

The miniature itself is from the Laserburn range of ships crew available from 15mm.co.uk and is a really nice sculpt. I think that if he was painted in lighter colours he would really shine. Alas the fleet uniform is described as black so black he is!
On a side note this miniature would make a perfect captain for any imperial guard army for those interested in gaming 40k in a different scale!

All the best!

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  1. Ambassador. With this Ferrero Rochez, you are really spoiling us!

    Seriously, nice figure!