Monday, 20 July 2009

Completed Police Force!


Heres a pic of the entire police force consisting of police chief, police droid, patrol skimmer and two squads of beefy law enforcement!

Law Enforcement!

This is the average size of force I plan on collecting for Stainless Steel Rat gaming. Essentially there will be two to three squads, a couple of characters and the occasional vehicle. My law enforcement goons will eventually get a couple of light transports in the form of a pair of cruisers and some mono-wheel bikes!

All the best!


  1. What size bases are you using?

  2. Hi!

    The infantry are based on 20mm round plastic bases while the skimmers are on 40mm round bases, all available from EM4 Miniatures!

    Ive also found that they produce 30mm round bases which are perfect for some of the bigger model types (such as the Rat Catcher scout drones!)

    Hope that helps!