Saturday, 25 July 2009

Count Cassitor of Rdenrunt!


Heres a pic of Count Cassitor, a treacherous nobleman of Freibur. Hes actually one of (at the time) evil Angelinas pawns. Having ambitions after the crown of Freibur and with a sizable army of retainers he makes a perfect character for Slippery Jim and the Special Corps to operate against!

Count Cassitor!

Hes in the uniform of the Rdenrunt Hussars, his personal guard unit. Again the miniature is one of the Laserburn range and with the impressive uniform and swirly cloak hes a perfect looking villain!

A Giant Rat!

I also painted up a giant rat to act as a random monster to menace civilians and impede the heroics of the good guys. Hes originally a Citadel rat miniature which Ive had in my bits box for years and found it would make a perfect nasty in 15mm scale.

Ive still got an evil Angelina to paint and a few civilians but thats about all until my orders arrive from and Peter Pig. Its quite refreshing to be able to paint up twenty plus miniatures in the course of a single week!

All the best!

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