Tuesday, 21 July 2009

More League Stuff!


Heres a couple more pictures of the League forces Ive been painting up:

Psi Man and Tactical Sergeant

The psi man is armed with a pistol and is in full uniform while the tactical sergeant is armed to the teeth with pistol, combat rifle and sword. I decided to make him a little less uniformed by giving him a flak jacket and quite a bit of assorted armour. Hes thus far been the most enjoyable miniature to paint for my in this scale as the level of detail on him is great and hes been quite a joy to paint. The psi mans uniform looks quite thunderbirds but the black makes him look a bit more sinister even though hes a good guy!

Ive still got another League trooper to paint up whos equipped in much the same way as the tactical sergeant I have already done. I am tempted to buy a couple of packs of the Peter Pig militia troops to act as patrol marines but need to get the rest of my stuff painted before I try to order any more!

All the best!


  1. What range is the figure on the right from?! I must have one!!!

  2. Hi!

    Hes a Laserburn space scout and is available from 15mm.co.uk

    All the best!