Monday, 20 July 2009

More Police!


Heres a quick pic of the police I finished painting last night:

Armed Police

Rear View

Ive added a rear view to show the slung shields. Its a pity that they couldnt have done a better job on the sculpting of them though as the detail is decidedly wonky. Still it does give them a somewhat beaten and used look which works alright!

Another slight niggle with the miniatures is that despite them being from the same pack, none of their uniforms are the same requiring a bit of cunning to get them to match. Also one arm is quite a bit longer than the other, fortunately the weapons tend to cover this discrepancy so its not too big a deal!

I may need another pack to give me two riot squads with shields and two general purpose patrol squads with small arms. Once Ive painted the remaining two police I am going to paint up my league navy crewmen as its an opportunity to paint some nice black and gold uniforms and the sculpts are a lot better than the polices!

Alas I have picked up the new Space Captain Smith book this morning so no work will be done until I have finished reading the latest volume of Smiths derring do!

All the best!

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