Saturday, 18 July 2009

Police Chief and Guards!


Ive updates some Stainless Steel Rat stuff onto my other blog but heres a pic of the police chief and his guards:

Police Chief and Guards!

As requested heres a review of the miniatures themselves!

The miniatures are from two of the ranges available from and theres quite a bit of difference quality wise between them.

First off theres the Laserburn adventurer with cape. This guy is really nicely detailed and paints up very nicely and has proven to be just the thing to represent my police chief. Hes armed with a pistol and sword and needed to be painted up to look a bit flash so hes got a nice red cloak, gold belt (possibly concealing a shield generator) and the green and white uniform of a police officer. I also gave him a bit of a perma tan!

Next the troopers themselves. Armed with riot shields and body armour, not to mention shock mauls the thuggish law enforcement types act as both a riot squad and as a good bodyguard unit for the police chief. The miniatures themselves are pretty poor quality to be honest and their thick base makes them loom somewhat over their charge. I ended up painting them with facemasks as their features were so blocky that they just didnt look human. The high point of the pack is that they seem to be based on the police in the movie the Fifth Element. Maybe I need to find some suitable proxies for Corban Dallas and Leeloo...

Ive got another half dozen police ready to paint which are armed with a mixture of pistols and riot guns to give me a bit more hitting power. I also plan on fielding a couple of detectives and a pair of float disk riding officers and some generic uniformed police as well!

In future I doubt I will be ordering much from the newer ranges from as the quality just isnt there for the price they are asking (coupled with rather extortionate postage and 'handling' costs!)

All the best!


  1. Once again - great paint jobs.


  2. Nice stuff (please post the review here, I like a SSR blog!).

    Have you thought about doing urban bases as a lot of Slippery Jim's adventures are in towns and cities?

  3. Hi!

    I will add the review onto the blog here as it seems to get far more attention than the old wargaming one!

    I ended up painting the bases a non urban colour scheme as I had tried to paint up previous miniatures bases in a tarmac style but found it made the miniatures themselves seem rather colourless!

    I have also finished off a couple more 15mm bits and will try and post pics of them in the morning!