Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rat Catcher MK1 Scout Drone


Heres a picture of the Rat Catcher Mk1 Scout Drone recently brought into service by the Special Corps to aid in the capture of Slippery Jim. The drone is equipped with a plethora of high tech cameras, tracking and communication gear. Hopefully the drone will see more use over the coming months after successful testing during the hunt for the criminal diGriz!

Rat Catcher!

The drone was built from an old plastic space ranger backpack (still available from EM4 miniatures) and with the addition of a few pieces of wire. Its a really simple scratch build and turned out quite nicely as the vents on the rear of the backpack look just like intakes for the engine.

Ive got another one to paint up and have enough backpacks to make another four. I think the remaining versions may well be armed with a mixture of stun guns and possibly even a heavy support version with some sort of rapid fire weapon.

All the best!

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