Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Rdenrunt Uniformed Underlings!


Heres a pic of the first two of Count Cassitors Rdenrunt Hussars!

Dapper Minions!

The miniatures are from Peter Pig and although they are WW1 dismounted French Hussars, they have an excellent retro sci-fi look to them making them perfect for Stainless Steel Rat Gaming!

I suspect I will order another pack of them allowing me to field a full platoon and will also be getting them some support in the form of a machine gun and possibly a couple of steam driven armoured cars! One slightly disappointing thing about the packs thus far has been the lack of an officer. The Peter Pig website shows a great pistol wielding type who would have been perfect for the squads NCO but there were none supplied!

Its not too much of a problem as I plan on ordering another pack and will simply request a couple of extra officers!

All told the Rdenrunt force will come to about £20 which isnt too bad for an entire army!

All the best!

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  1. Now that is really clever out of the box thinking...