Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Transportation Ponderings


Ive been pondering what vehicles to get for my assorted forces as the Stainless Steel Rat universe covers all sorts of tech levels from stone age to ultra high tech.

At present I need some vehicles for my police force and the armed forces of Rdenrunt. The police are fairly high tech while the Rdenruntian force is more early 20th century level. At present I am leaning towards getting a couple of British Saxon APCs for the police (available from QRF) as I really like the chunky look of them and while they are essentially military vehicles they look quite good as police trucks. Its got an oddly angular sci-fi appearance which suits the purpose Im looking for:

Saxon Police Carrier.

As for the Rdenrunt armour, I am looking at some of the British and Soviet WW2 armoured cars as I need something that will fit in with the lower tech level and doesnt have a huge gun!

Im quite tempted by some of the Battlefront WW2 miniatures and may have to look into my local Hobbycraft to see what they look like in the flesh so to speak.

At present I am aiming to finish Count Cassitors force first and it needs an armoured car to provide some much needed fire support for my infantry while they are performing nefarious deeds for their leader...

Hopefully I will be able to sort something out over the next couple of days but in the mean time any suggestions would be most welcome!

All the best!


  1. How about

    ps if the link doesb't work its the new FOW boarhound. Modern looking but retro at the sametime.

  2. I did see that beast and its definitely on my to buy list! Its an amazing looking piece of armour but possibly a little heavy for the backwards Rdunruntian army. I may pick up the pack for my Patrol Marines instead though as its too tempting a buy!

  3. The Saxon is a geat choice. Skytrex has a superb one. pricey though.

    I'd also recommend Old Crow's Dragon Halftrack as a police vehicle and QRF's Brazillian EE Urutu A/C.


  4. I did see the Skytrex one and its a cracking model but quite expensive! I quite like some of the South African military vehicles for frontier types too!