Friday, 24 July 2009

Uniformed Minions!


Ive just placed a small order with Peter Pig for a couple of packs of infantry amongst which is two of packs of WW1 dismounted French dragoons:


These guys look just the part to act as uniformed underlings for the villainous Count Cassitor of Freibur. Their slightly Flash Gordonesque helmets were perfect for the dastardly villain Cassitor. Freibur is a new member planet of the Galactic League so there is quite a clash between traditional and modern equipment and technology. The minions will be given snazzy black and red uniforms so they can swagger around oppressing people. I also need to get some more suitable troops for King Willelm IX and the old Duke Radebrechen so will check out some nineteenth century uniformed types.

Also required are a couple of steam driven robot servant types and the dastardly Count Cassitor himself. I think another order of some Laserburn miniatures may be in order!


The rest of the budget has been spent with a small order with in the form of an assortment of adventurers, villains and a few more minions!

All the best!


  1. They are lovely mmodels. I use them as Presidential Guard in my South American AK47 games. Yes, perfect as oppressive Flashesque minions!


  2. I especially like the fact you get a pistol wielding type in each pack to act as a squad NCO! Ive also ordered a pack of German WW1 helmeted heads so I can convert some of my other miniatures too!

    All the best!