Friday, 21 August 2009

Frontier Types!


Heres a quick pic of some of the frontier settlers of Freibur:

Gun Toting Settlers

The miniatures are all Peter Pig cowboys armed with a variety of weapons. I converted on pistol guy into a flame thrower (the orange jump suited guy) with a few bits of wire and a cocktail stick!

The miniatures all painted up nicely with a nice amount of detail. I have another twenty or thirty to paint up including a few more weapon conversions ranging from long rifles to rocket launchers which will give me a decent selection of troops to choose from!

I hope to get a few more done over the course of the next day or so!

Till then all the best!


  1. Love what you've done with these! Gonna have to order me some "frontier types" now. : )

  2. Hi!

    I plan on getting a couple of the separate heads so I can add some variety to them as its a bit repetitive painting all those stetsons!