Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Heavy Metal!


Heres a pic of my latest purchase:

Heavy Combat Droid

Its a rather large plastic combat droid from the EM4 miniatures range and comes in a pack of five assorted robots for £2.50 which is quite a bargain! I decided to re-pose him slightly by swapping the legs round so they were at the original front part of the miniature and I think it looks quite a bit more agile than the original pose.

I bought two packs of the robots so have a second built with a running pose which is sitting waiting to be painted. The other droids are going to be used as heavy power armour as they look like a 15mm scale figure could fit inside them quite nicely. They come in two poses with one being larger than the other and are quite nice models without too much detail to fuss over while painting!

Heres a pic of the rest on my workbench along with a larger Mechwarrior plastic model which will be a bit of a monsterous command vehicle!

Big Stompy Robot Suits!

My plan for today is to get my junker bots painted up and hopefully get another battle report posted this evening!

Till then all the best!


  1. What Mechwarrior model is that one at the center there?

  2. Hi!

    Its a Ghost with one of the old GW titan chain guns mounted on one arm!