Sunday, 23 August 2009

More Rulebook Ramblings!


Ive had a good look round my laptop and bookshelves and have found I had more rulebooks than originally thought!

I have Star Mogul, Gorkamorka, Necromunda, Rogue Trader, Nuclear Renaissance, Mutants and Deathray Guns, No Limits, Beamstrike and Babylons Burning. I also had a copy of Defiance Vital Ground but seem to have lost it (I think I will download the free demo pdf to give it a go too!)

I also plan on downloading a copy of Chain Reaction to see what thats like!

To settle on which ruleset to use I plan on playing a few games of each to give me a good idea as to which is the best and most suitable to use for Stainless Steel Rat gaming.

I hope to post some battle reports here on the blog of each system which will include my impressions of the game and a quick review.

My criteria for wargaming rules are that the game should be easy to learn and fun to play, doesnt rely on too much record keeping and isnt too simple or too complex.

Ive statted up a small police force for Rogue Trader and No Limits and will get some opposition sorted out ASAP which will hopefully allow me a couple of quick games this afternoon!

All the best!


  1. Having read you your battle report you might find that the GW LotR system would work better with its focus on heroes. You may find that the Legends of the Old West cowboy version, with some homemade SF add on's perfect (and Warhammer Historical have a special offer on at the moment).

  2. Hi!

    I tried the LOTR rules when they first came out and just dont enjoy them!

    I am thinking of giving the existing heroes a set number of hero points to use through out the battle which will allow them to re-roll dice instead! Its a fairly simple addition to the basic rules!

    I am going to give Star Mogul a go next!