Wednesday, 26 August 2009

No Limits Battle Report


Heres the latest in a series of battle reports using different rulesets that I have played over the course of the week. This time I have been using No Limits, a freely downloadable ruleset available from Wargames Unlimited.

So without further ado heres the latest of Slippery Jim diGriz's heroic exploits!

The Scenario

After his unsuccessful raid on the warehouse to steal an artefact for Count Cassitor Jim decides to get some pay back on his employer for saddling him with a bunch of thugs who had promptly botched the heist and in the resulting fire fight several security guards had died and Jim had barely escaped.

Hearing that the count has a small science station operating on developing some highly secret project Jim has decided to break in and steal whatever it is that the scientists are working on.

The Objective

The science station is guarded by a squad of police troopers and Jims objective is to break into the bio dome where the top secret scientific data is being stored while either avoiding detection or silencing the guards.

The guards, once alerted will sound the alarm summoning all sorts of police re-enforcements so its important for Jim to be quick and quiet!

The Game!

The Bio Dome Objective

Jim begins by moving quietly behind one of the science station buildings, watching as the doughty forces of law and order plod around in a vaguely confused manner (in their eyes its a highly effective patrol rotation)

Jim prepares to make his move, one of the plods is standing isolated from his brethren so Jim clambers over a boundary hedge, picking up a few thorns in tender places as he does so, and aims his needle pistol at the beefy trooper. The silent weapons tranquilliser darts find their target and the guard crumples to the ground snoring faintly.

Jim Sneaks Forward

As the trooper snores his fellow officers continue their routine patrol but unfortunately for Jim the police sergeant chooses this moment to make a surprise inspection of the security detail and stumbles over the happily slumbering form of the darted trooper. Slowly the brutish instincts of the sergeant tell him somethings wrong. The alarm is raised!

The Tranquilised Trooper Is Found!

Cursing the sergeant Jim opens up with his pistol again hoping to silence the bellowing with a few well placed darts. Unfortunate dice rolling means that although the sergeant is hit and effected by the darts he still thrashes around woozily.

Hearing the cries of distress from their sergeant the remaining police start moving towards Jims location. As Jim prepares to move the sergeant spots him and lets rip with his riot gun. Despite Jims lightning reactions he is still wounded by the cloud of pellets.

Uttering a savage oath Jim returns fire and grimly smiles as his tormentor finally succumbs to the tranquilliser drug, possibly helped by the fact that he now resembles a pin cushion. Knowing that the rest of the police are closing in Jim makes a dash for the cover of a pile of cargo only to find a burly policeman waiting for him.

Seeing Stars!

The troopers club connects with Jims head causing another wound and it takes another full turn for jim to subdue his attacker. Another trooper rushes into view and spots Jim but runs out of actions allowing Jim to open fire and knocking him out.

There is only a single police trooper left and he wisely moves back to protect the bio dome and its precious contents. Finally re-enforcemets arrive in the distance as a police skimmer appears on the roadway.

Knowing that his time is limited Jim moves toward the bio dome but is charged by the remaining trooper (obviously emboldened by the sight of the flashing blue lights in the distance. During the melee the trooper manages to hit Jim twice but fails to wound him and jim finally manages to beat the stubborn trooper senseless and moves up to the bio dome.

Trouble Ahead!

Seeing Jim enter the bio dome the skimmer pilot powers down the road towards the buildings in hopes of catching Jim red handed. A police squad also arrives on board and begin to hurry down the road towards the action.

Emerging from the dome with a pile of secret documents Jim sees the skimmer bearing down on him and risks a burst with his needle pistol but the metal frame of the skimmer deflects the darts. Seeing that his weapon isn't going to stop the skimmer Jim takes to his heels and heads for the main buildings where he spotted some vehicles.

Jim With Swag

The skimmer fired repeatedly at the retreating form but failed to hit. Jim turned and fired, hoping to keep the skimmer off his back as he tried to hot-wire a yellow hover truck, unfortunately he again failed to damage the skimmer whose pilot, enraged by the flagrant law breaking opened fire again this time chipping paint off the truck Jim lurked in.

Hotwire Under Pressure!

The police squad continued its slog towards the action and a rumbling engine heralded the arrival of a police armoured car.

Jim managed to start the truck and rumbled forward as the skimmer took up a position blocking him from his getaway route. Seeing this Jim turned the vehicle and headed back towards the buildings. The skimmer moved again trying to block his route of escape but Jim out foxed it by performing an impressive hand break turn and speeding towards the open fields and freedom.

The police armoured car entered the building complex and seeing the yellow truck speeding past them the gunner opened fire with his machine gun but the burst went wide. Jim floored the accelerator and thundered off board.


Again it was the first time Ive played the game in ages so had to keep referring to the rules but it was quite an enjoyable game and really got into the spirit of the Stainless Steel Rat books with Jim dodging police and bullets to commit a heist and then making a heroic dash for freedom!

Although No Limits is aimed towards battles rather than small scale rpg lite type games it played surprisingly well as the activation system allow you to move, shoot and perform actions in any order allowing for quite a bit of sniping. Other items of note are the abilities you can give your troops and characters. For example Jim had the Evade ability allowing him to dodge bullets and blows that would kill a lesser man. It was just as well he did as he put the ability to good use during the game!

I am off on holiday tomorrow so there wont be any more battle reports for a bit but rest assured I will get back to it on my return as well as painting up a load more stuff!

All the best!

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