Monday, 17 August 2009

Rdenrunt Armour!


Im afraid Ive not had much time to get any painting done of late but heres a couple of pics of some of the bits Ive been working on!

First off theres the Rdunrunt armoured cavalry in the form of a somewhat retro armoured car (the vehicle is actually a WW2 Soviet vehicle):

Rdenrunt Armoured Cavalry!

The vehicle is from QRF and although its supposed to be 15mm scale it seems a tad on the small side as a 15mm scale figure would have difficulty jamming themselves into it. Still its quite a nice little vehicle and once its on its base it wont be too out of scale!

The casting quality is a bit ropy which lets it down a bit as there are several rough surfaces on the model which make it look a little battered. I decided to give it a civilian paint scheme as Cassitor and evil Angelinas plan involved revolution requiring some military might (especially armoured vehicles) to be kept secret. Hence its a bit of a civilian custom job!

Next up theres Cassitors armoured minions:

Armoured Jump Troops!

I decided that count Cassitor needed some slightly more high tech troops so painted up what will eventually be a squad of five power armoured and jump pack equipped minions to use as shock troopers. The paint scheme was originally inspired from the bad guys in GI Joe (the Cobra soldiers) with their menacing black armour and silver helmets. I think they fit in quite well with the rest of the force, adding a touch of high tech badness to an otherwise backward army.

The miniatures are from and are from the Laserburn range (this time redemptionist initiates) and are nice chunky miniatures with some rather nice jetpacks. Alas theres only a single pose so I may convert one to be armed with some sort of heavy weapon, or even hack off its head and swap it for something a bit different.

It was a bit of a let down when I got the miniatures as they had lots of flash and annoying mould lines which needed scraping off (one covered the entire right side of the head and weapon on several of them) Saying that, once they had been cleaned they did paint up very nicely!

I hope to be able to crack on with some more bits and pieces over the course of the week to complete my Rdunrunt shock troops and maybe start on some frontier types in the form of Peter Pig cowboys.

All the best!


  1. Nice idea (and paintjob) on the armoured car. Looks very good.

  2. It was quite fun to paint too! Its just a shame its a bit on the small side!