Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Rules Pondering!


Ive been trying to find a good set of sci fi rules which will allow me to play some Stainless Steel Rat games!

At present I have the following:

Rogue Trader
We Can Be Heroes 2
Future War Commander
No Limits
Mutants and Deathray Guns

Ive also had a quick look at Ambush Alley although I would be waiting for their sci-fi games release before purchasing any more rulesets!

Pros and Cons!

Rogue Trader is a good system which really works well with small numbers of troops in an almost role playing style but is a bit creaky and needs some serious modifying to allow vehicles and some more dynamic activation. A possible quick fix for this may be to download a copy of Necromunda.

We Can Be Heroes has some fantastic ideas in it allowing heroes to really shine but is possibly a little generic as heroes and monsters have the same stats but rely on abilities to make them individual. I do plan on using the hero points and card activation as it brings a really random factor to games.

Future Wars Commander is a good system but plays better as a mass battle game. It may get used to represent some of the invasions mentioned in the books!

No Limits is good as its free and has some excellent rules allowing a very flexible style of play and has a force generator allowing you to create your own forces and vehicles. Its a bit generic as its not tied to any set background but as I have all the background material I need from the Stainless Steel Rat books its not really a problem!

Mutants and Deathray Guns is a new system from Genesha Games which got some very good reviews for their Songs Of Blades and Heroes fantasy set but I just find it too simplistic to be enjoyable.

I plan on playing a few games using each system to see which is most suitable!

In the meantime does anyone have any suggestions for other rule sets worth having a go of?

All the best!


  1. Have you considered Laserburn and it's relations?

  2. Hi!

    I hadnt thought of that! I did have a copy of the rules a while back but didnt really try them out. I may have to see if I can rummage them out too!

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Chain Reaction 3.0 It now has vehicles. When you get used to the way it is played it becomes rather cinematic with people diving for cover, rules for providing covering fire, and reactions to men going down.

    Yes it's free! Also very "modular" with the other free rulesets that Ed has done. I've been mixing the Star Power form Cereal Killers and the Noteriety rules from Gangster, to make my own flavored game. Oh, and great for solo games. Link below.

  4. FWC has a skirmish option at the back of the rulebook.

  5. I'd go with Necromunda or maybe Combat Zone.

  6. Have you given any thought to the stuff that Rattrap does? They hav a game called Fantastic Worlds which is for scifi.

  7. Hi!

    Thanks for all the suggestions thus far! I did have a copy of Fantastic worlds but the PDF doesnt seem to work anymore which is a bit irritating!

    Theres much food for thought here. I think I need to stat up a few small forces for each system and play a few test games to give me a feel for the game mechanics and if possible steal the best ideas form them all!

  8. I'm looking for a similar set of rules myself.
    Curious to see what you decide on.

  9. Hey nice blog!!! Have you checked out Beamstrick rules? They are based on Imperial Commander a supplement to Laserburn. Laserburn was the for runner to roge trader.
    Do a google search as I can not paste the link here. Also they are FREEEEEEE!!!!