Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Star Mogul Battle Report Part 2!

The Game!

The game started with Angelinas thugs moving towards the salvage crew by leaving the village Meanwhile Slikk revved his vehicles engine and surged towards the opposing dropship zone.

Angelias Thugs Deploy

Seeing the opposition boiling out of the village Alexandr hurried his group towards the nearest salvage on the hillside next to the settlements ruined generator. The yellow pig swept forward slowly with its crew nervously fingering their sidearms and cursing Alexandrs decision not to mount a weapon on the ramshackle vehicle. His miserlyness would come back to haunt them...

Farpoint Salvage Are Go!

The Raiders Are Spotted!

Angelinas thugs continued to close with their opponents and were met with a smattering of gunfire. Although several shots hit none managed to cause any damage. The return of fire was somewhat more effective causing Ripp to fall from a vicious burst of fire from RED K1LLR.

The salvage crew, obviously enraged by the loss of their veteran crewmate (possibly partly due to his owing them money, and now with his biting the bullet how would they get their money back!) sent a wall of lead towards the opposition and cheered as the large red robot was blasted to smithereens, despite its primitive self repair systems the damage caused was too serious and RED K1LLR collapsed into a pile of scrap.

Alas this was the high point of the Farpoint team as Angelina, obviously annoyed that her hulking bodyguard had been dispatched took a pot shot at Alexandr and grinned as he was blasted off his feet. Tonk soon followed his boss as fire from Hogg took him out of action.

Things were not looking good for the salvage team at this point but a valiant fight back from EDDY and BUNGLE managed to blast Hoff (they hassled the Hoff!) and Angelina, possibly still gloating about putting Alexandr out of action, took a bullet and fell limply to the gound.

While the fire fight was blazing away, the Yellow Pig had quietly crept forward and Frank and Gubbs hopped out and loaded the cargo into the rear of the vehicle!

Even as this was happening BUNGLE, the Farpoints blue robot collapsed with a shot to his electronic cortex. Slikk finally managed to manouver out of the village and opened fire on EDDY but the bulky green robot shrugged off the fire from the LMG. Instead he turned and blased several shots into the raiders vehicle cuasing a loss of most of its frontal armour.

Things Are Looking Grim For The Farpoint Crew

Slikk Rumbles Into Battle (and the Farpoint drop zone!)

Despite his heroic last stand EDDY finally went down from an unrelenting stream of fire from the vehicle mounted LMG. Despite a heroic effort from EDDY’s nanite swarm he didnt regain his feet but started smouldering as fires started by the bullets which had pierced his armour burned out his electronics.

Hearing the sudden slackening of fire the crew of the Yellow Pig lept back into their vehicle and began making their way back to the drop zone. Unfortunately they were spotted by the remaining thugs and bullets were soon flying thick and fast at the battered yellow truck. The fire was worryingly accurate as its superstructure took a point of damage and it suffered a severe power core leak. As the truck ground to a halt the remaining Farpoint crew bailed out and surrendered to the raiders.

I Rolled for the casualties afterwards and the Raiders lost one droid and Hogg (surprisingly Angelina survived!), the Farpoint Salvage team were not as lucky as both their droids were damaged beyond repair while Tonk and Tate also died. Alexandr survived despite his wounds and now holds a grudge against Angelina for the death of his crew and more importantly, she had stolen his precious dropship. League military found the remaining crew living off frozen Macswiney burgers a month after the battle. Angelina and the dropship the Daisy Mae are yet to be found.

As it was my first game using Star Mogul I am sure I made quite a few mistakes with the rules but it was quite a lot of fun! The fog of war rule which can mean your opponent can activate during your own turn made for a very entertaining game!

I have become quite attatched to the Farpoint Salvage team and can see them making a comeback despite their mauling at the hands of a bunch of thieves!

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