Sunday, 23 August 2009

Star Mogul


While rummaging around my rulebook collection I found my PDF of Star Mogul and having a bit of a read through it I quite like the setting and think it may fit in quite well with the Stainless Steel Rat universe. Therefore I have decided to collect up a couple of salvage teams so I can have a go at the game. Whats even better is they can be used as frontier types and actual salvage and mechanic types for gaming actual Slippery Jim scenarios!

I especially like the X12 Android cult which features an assortment of rogue robots, advanced AIs and even a chuncky foundry droid which can trundle round devouring terrain and constructing more robots. I figure they would make a good new force to add to my Stainless Steel Rat project!

X12 Machine Cult!

Heres a link to their website:


  1. Cool! Star Mogul is great fun, and too good to be ignored!

  2. It is indeed!

    Ive now got half a dozen scrap bots converted and scratch built. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow I will have a full ten along with some of the bigger and more powerful types for the X12 cult.

    Im still trying to figure out a decent Seraphim proxy but will see what I can do!