Friday, 18 September 2009

A Commission, A Holiday And Uni! Oh My!


Ive got a bit of a commission to paint some 15mm sci-fi miniatures so Im not going to be able to update this blog for a week or so as Ive got till Saturday to finish painting them and then head off to Skye with my friends before returning to university in a week and a bit! The first batch of painted miniatures has gone on here. here
and here!

Its all very action packed but hopefully the Stainless Steel Rat will not suffer too much and I will be painting some more stuff and indeed playing some more games soon!

In other news I seem to have been awarded a Academic Achievement Scholarship from uni which is nice, if somewhat unexpected! It comes with a cheque for £1000 which was a nice surprise! Alas Im not going to spend it on miniatures but on some much needed drawing software upgrades for my illustration work (Ok there may be a bit left over for miniatures!)

All the best!


Theres some more pics on my other blog showing some more commission work along with some other bits and bobs!

All the best!

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