Sunday, 6 September 2009

A Fair Sized Update!


Ive been working on a few vehicles, frontier types and even the occasional objective counter so without further ado heres the pics:

Mining Mech

Unmanned Scout Drone

More Frontier Types!

Salvage Objective Marker!

The mech is on of the old mechwarrior plastic mining mechs and is equipped with mining hammer, lasers and seismic charges. I used an article from Ramshackle Games to get the rusty look and quite like how its turned out.

The Unmanned Drone is one of the plastic starships from EM4 Miniatures and Ive had it kicking around for ages and decided that my frontier militia could do with a fairly low tech scout vehicle. I still need a controller figure for it but am sure I will find a suitable figure somewhere! It could make for quite an interesting scenario with one side controlling the drone and the other trying to either avoid being spotted or shooting it down with the possibility of a herd of militia turning up to see what happened to their drone!

The frontier types are all Peter Pig cowboys with the occasional piece of wire to convert a normal pistol into a heavy las pistol! Ive got another dozen to paint so will try and get them finished over the next day or so! I tried to go for a combination of traditional and new clothing and equipment as befitting a bunch of hardy frontier dwellers!

The salvage is a mixture of plastic gubbins I had kicking around and some metal stowage from Ground Zero Games that Ive had in my bits box for best part of a decade. Although intended to be 25mm scale I found they worked just as well in 15mm. I plan on placing a small order with GZG over the next couple of days for some more barrels and possibly a few infantry!

I am also hoping to get a game or two played at some point today but wont be posting any pictures as many of the miniatures are unpainted!

All the best!

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