Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Freibur Frontiersmen!


Heres a pic of the latest additions to my Freibur frontier settlers:


Ive now got more than a dozen of the fellows painted and I hope to get a game involving a posse of frontier types trying to capture and lynch our intrepid hero! I was in two minds as to which of my blogs to post them on but as they cover both Stainless Steel Rat games and general sci-fi I think they will get posted on both!

With only two of the frontier miniatures left to paint I am now turning my attention to the Stellar Guard which were undercoated last night...


Heres a pic of the last two of the frontier posse, including Hanging Judge Jenkins!

Hanging Judge Jenkins & Minion!

The Judge is a Peter Pig wild west character (the pack comes with him mounted, on foot and dead allowing me to use him as part of a mounted or foot posse as well as an objective!) The figure has literally tons of character ranging from his gaunt, old guy face to a pair of rather impressive spectacles! I can see him shuffling around in a crotchety manner giving the townsfolk orders while blasting at anything that comes into his myopic field of vision with his trusty shotgun!

With the addition of a sheriff and some deputies to lead the posse it should make for an interesting game fielding a bunch of backward hicks against the galaxies finest criminal!

Theres some more pics of them over on my other blog Farpoint Salvage!

All the best!

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