Saturday, 5 September 2009

Frontier Armour!


Heres a quick pic of a piece of salvaged armour for my frontier types:

Old Thunder (updated picture)

The tanks body is a Peter Pig WW2 Sherman while the turret is from a plastic Mechwarrior vehicle.

The frontier militia have decided they need to beef up their starports security and have commissioned Sturn Industries to build an armoured fighting vehicle capable of driving off raiders and other lawless types. Alas as Sturn Industries is one man in his shed the armoured vehicle is made from an old bulldozer Sturn had parked next to his shed and some old League spares bought off the back of a lorry from someone named Jim.

The vehicles top speed is a mighty 15mph and compared to modern armour its pretty sub standard. Saying that the main gun (a Mk2 Masher class plasma gun) can easily cope with the light vehicles usually associated with raiders and is even capable of punching holes in most small ships. Also equipped with a bow mounted machine gun and a turret mounted quad recoilless long gun the tank, christened Old Thunder due partly to the noise its ancient engine makes and partly due to the roar of its main gun, can also churn out quite a lot of fire.

Sturn is so proud of the monstrosity he volunteered for the militia and is now the tanks engineer, in fact its only his constant tinkering which keeps the inelegant machine running.

As yet Old Thunder is yet to see combat so its unknown how it will cope with its mission!

I plan on trying out the tanks performance in a game as soon as possible but think it will need some targets to shoot up...

All the best!

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