Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Frontier Cargo Vehicle


Heres a quick pic of another vehicle, this time a light cargo vehicle for use on some of the more backward planets of the League:


The vehicle is another mechwarrior plastic miniature with all its missile launchers chopped off. Its just about perfect for a light cargo hauler for frontier worlds without a proper road system. Its still equipped with a defensive weapon as you can never be sure that some lawless types arent going to try and try and steal your cargo.

I reckon it will also do for games of star mogul as Ive been looking for a decent salvage vehicle in 15mm scale!

I also have a few more hover tanks to paint up for my League peacekeepers but think my next objective will be to paint up some more infantry and characters (these will include some more frontier types, a squad of elite league troops and a few more of Angelinas armed minions!)

All the best


  1. Nice. I've got one these sat in an Epic Ork army but this alternative use is sure tempting me towards 15mm...

  2. Hi!

    Ive found that much of the Mechwarrior range is useful for 15mm scale gaming! Its just a shame its getting hard to find as the games oop!

    Im actually thinking of collecting an orc force in 15mm scale at some point so any more suggestions for suitable vehicles would be most welcome!

    All the best!