Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Quick Rethink!


Ive finally given up on painting 28mm stuff after a truly miserable evening spent getting more and more frustrated after three miniatures paint jobs in a row proved to be abject failures. I suspect its because I have been painting, and more importantly enjoying painting, 15mm scale figures.

Because of this I have decided to re-work my blogs a bit as after reviewing some of the stuff I posted here I have noticed that quite a bit of the recent posting has got away from the spirit of the Stainless Steel Rat books. Essentially the project was originally more about collecting characters, individuals and some minions based on the characters in the book. Lately Ive been getting a bit too enthused with painting military vehicles and mechs which while fun, arent what Slippery Jim is about!

From now on I will only be posting the more pulp miniatures and Stainless Steel Rat battle reports here while all the military stuff and sci-fi wargames and so on will be posted over on my Farpoint Salvage blog:

As already mentioned in an early post here Slippery Jim deserves his own blog and in keeping with that I think a bit of re-organisation is just whats needed!

Worry not its all going to be 15mm scale goodness but just a bit better oganised and I will be updating both blogs at regular intervals!

Next up for this blog is to get some of the named characters from the first Stainless Steel Rat book painted up!

All the best!

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