Monday, 14 September 2009

An Update From Inskipp!


After my re-think of my blogging I have been off to see my friends in Newcastle for a bit of a break. Now Im back I have been rummaging round my box of unpainted miniatures to see what Ive got that will fit in as some of the assorted characters from the Stainless Steel Rat books. Ive got a load of bits and bobs waiting to get painted for my Farpoint Salvage blog but not much for the blog here.

This must be sorted out soon! I am going to place a small order for some new characters and have got some stellar guard to paint while Im waiting.

The Stellar Guard are mentioned in the first of Slippery Jims adventures and I figure they could make a nice, bright addition to the forces of good. I plan on giving them very bright uniforms, based on the classic pulp sci-fi films and comics as they are described as being a bit flash and showy.

I am using some of the Laserburn miniatures as the basis of them (theres a couple of armoured types with the Flash Gordon type of helmets and cloaks) The patrol is a bit under strength at present as there are only three of them but will soon be re-enforced by a further five troopers. I also have another chap whos perfect for an officer to lead them.

Hopefully I will be able to get some painting done today and post a pic of my progress tomorrow!

All the best!

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