Thursday, 3 September 2009

Yet More Rulebook Ponderings!


Well Ive managed to play more games using 15mm scale over the last month than I have over the previous 3 years using other scales so its looking promising!

Ive found some more rulesets I plan on trying including VOR, Void and two editions of Warzone. Although several of these systems have specific settings I dont see why I cant do a bit of conversion work to allow existing stats to be used for characters, vehicles and units in Stainless Steel Rat gaming.

In fact Void and Warzone have some really interesting units and forces which could fit in really nicely with the universe of Slippery Jim (admittedly not the mutated monsters and aliens of the dark legion or koralon but Bauhaus, Imperial, Cybertronic, Capitol, Syntha, Viridia and the Junkers could easily be converted to act as planetary defence forces, league troops and assorted villains!) Meanwhile VOR has a custom force generator and the Growlers are just begging to be converted to 15mm scale (Imagine a giant angry ape/lizard, then imagine a pack of them hurtling toward you!)

Heres a pic of some I painted a while back:


Admittedly they are 28mm scale but the pups (the little guys) are just about perfect for 15mm scale while the big guys can easily be seen as a sort of bio-tank! Imagine Jim being sent by the Corps to find out what happened to a newly built colony which has lost contact only to find its been over run by a pack of angry growlers defending their territory. I can imagine Jim calling in some big guns to help deal with the situation which could make for a really interesting game!

Im hoping to get another few games in over the course of the next week or so using an assortment of systems but I think the beauty of 15mm is that I can collect forces for each game, paint them and tailor them to the Stainless Steel Rat universe at a fraction of the cost, or indeed painting time of attempting the same in 28mm scale.

Alas I am back at university next month so my hobby time will be seriously curtailed but I plan on setting aside an evening a week to get some games in or paint up some more stuff!

All the best!



Ive just found my copy of Battleground Trinitry and will have a go at that too. It features quite an interesting setting which could be ported into the Stainless Steel Rat universe with little effort!

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