Friday, 9 October 2009

Hired Thugs!


Ive had a quick update from the chaps over at! Heres the message:

Want Something for Nothing?

Get yourself a FREE pack of 15mm Science Fiction miniatures from the HOF range by

HOF54 Rim Mercenaries (10 Miniatures) worth £3.50 for nothing except the postage.

HOF 54 Human Rim Mercenaries. This pack contains ten miniatures taken from three poses of human males armed with automatic rifles dressed in paramilitary gear. Useful for any scenario or force that needs skilled fighters who wear no official uniforms such as guerillas or levies raised for planetary defence or alien invasion.

Go to this Link and add ONE pack to your cart and then proceed to the checkout page.

You need order nothing else if you do not wish to. We will then send you your free pack of science fiction 15mm miniatures.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only honour orders which contain ONE FREE PACK ONLY. If your order contains more than one of these packs we will still supply you but with only one pack.

This Offer is Valid Until Monday 19th October 2009

As always if there are any questions please email me directly at

Ive got some of the figures and they did paint up rather nicely and I have a batch more which will be acting as heavily armed re-enforcements for Angelinas thugs!

All the best!

All the best!

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