Sunday, 15 November 2009

Rules Update!


Well its been another busy week at uni leaving me with almost no time to get any painting done! Alas Ive only managed to get a single miniature painted all week!

Other than that Ive had a further perusal of the internet for some suitable rulesets to try out, including Wildfire, Savage Worlds, and Chaos in Carpathia. The rules range from hard sci-fi to pulp but with the wide array of tech levels and planets featured in the stainless steel rat books I figure they will all be of some use!

Hopefully over the course of next weekend I will be able to get either a bit of painting done or try out a couple of rulesets! I hope to start up a bit of a mini campaign and play a couple of games a week (uni work permitting!) featuring Jims mission to Freibur!

Ive already got enough painted miniatures to play a couple of different skirmish level games so hopefully there will be some reports coming in from Jim soon!

All the best!


  1. Have you tried the old West End Games Star Wars roleplaying rules? Very good for this sort of thing. They have been re-issued as "West End Games Science Fiction" with very little alteration, I think they're available from Amazon, and there is a good preview on WEG's own web site. You can sometimes pick them up on e-bay too. I've just started using them with 15mm, and although they are too slow for big battles, for small skirmishes with 4 or 5 figures per side (or a series of small encounters) they're great.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the heads up! I may have to take a look at them! With all these excellent rules Im spoiled for choice and with 15mm still being relatively inexpensive, especially for skirmish gaming, I may be tempted to collect up some more small forces!

    If only I had the chance to get some gaming done (not to mention painting!)

    All the best!