Thursday, 14 April 2016

Corps Budget Announced!

Memorandum from Inskipp:

The Corps budget has been announced at 15 Million Credits per month for the current operation to apprehend the notorious criminal The Stainless Steel Rat, James Bolivar diGriz, aka 'Slippery Jim'. 

All agents are ordered to study the attached pic file which has also been distributed to all planetary law enforcement agencies as well as League military units.
 Wanted: James Bolivar diGriz
Right! I've settled on a princely budget of £15.00 a month for the foreseeable future with the plan of getting the project underway. Is it possible to collect and game a 15mm scale campaign for such a modest budget? Now if it was 28mm scale, I suspect that I might be in for a bit more of a challenge but the joy of 15mm is that it is more than possible to do!

Now the next thing I need to settle on is where to start? Having re-read the first of the Stainless Steel Rat novels, we first meet Jim as one of his cons have been blown in the Beta Cygnus system which contains 20 terraformed or habitable worlds so I suspect that will be a good place to start the action. 

According to the book, planet III is inhabited and Jim is on the run from robotic police so I need to put together some models to represent our hero Slippery Jim, some police robots and civilians as well as some scenic madness to represent the cityscape.

Rooting round my old pictures, I managed to find this rather grainy pic of Jim that I converted many moons ago. Sadly he's now in the care of a new owner so I think I will need to replace him but I quite like the opportunity to start afresh!


I've  placed a bit of an order to get myself started and will update things soon!

In the meantime All the best!
Message ends.......


  1. Slippery a Jim and his psychopathic wife are two of my favourite characters.

    1. Jim and Angelina are great characters and I'm really enjoying rereading their exploits!

      All the best!