Sunday, 24 April 2016

Law Enforcement


I've managed to paint up a few law enforcement officers for Jim to avoid!

 Outland Judge Patrol

I ended up going for the classic Judge Dredd paint scheme for the figures as they are the old Laserburn police officers and the sculpts are very much inspired by the 2000ad comic creations. They are all stock figures apart from the central one who has had a head swap from another figure.

I would have based them up in cityscape grey but these chaps have been sitting based and primed on my shelf for about five years so it was high time I actually painted them and I am glad that I have as they were a real pleasure to work on!

Chudley's illlegal still gets a visit from the friendly local law office

I hope to get one or two more bits and bobs added to the collection over the next few days as I've had more chance to rummage through my bits boxes and have discovered a whole load of unpainted lead that I've had for ages and who knows, maybe I will get chance to play a game or two!

All the best!

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