Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Test Figures


I've managed to get a few bits and bobs painted up! I've had a rummage through my bits box and have found a fair few 15mm figures so am going to paint my way through them first and see how I get on.

I've been experimenting with different bases to represent the many different worlds that Jim operates on and am quite liking how things are turing out thus far!


The frontiersman is a classic Laserburn sculpt and is really finely detailed and looks the business with a load of great gear from a rather nice hunting rifle, sword and .75 calibre pistol!

Space Marines

Next up, theres a couple of Ultramarines that I've had for quite a while. I've got a whole load of these little guys who will eventually form a full platoon. The sculpts are from the Ion Age and make great proxy Space Marines and have the slightly stylised feel that really fits well with the Stainless Steel Rat universe.


Next up, we move onto some urban denizens. The first figure is another Laserburn miniature and painted up rather nicely with some suitably scifi togs. I need to get a load more sorted out to represent some hapless bystanders to get in the way during one of Jim's heists.

Commander Klutz Chief of Police 

Another Laserburn figure, Commander Klutz is going to be leading the local police force in it's rather inept attempts to capture the worlds most evasive criminal mastermind!

 Special Corps ESWAT Specialist

The ESWAT specialist is from GZG and is a cracking figure but possibly a bit too hard scifi for this project but I do like the idea of having the Corps providing some much needed muscle and intelligence to the local law enforcement types!

Assorted Individuals

I hope to add a few more gubbins over the next few days as I've really enjoyed painting up the little chaps and have been rummaging further into my bits boxes to find some more suitable additions to my project!

All the best!

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