Sunday, 10 April 2016

Where to Start?


Well I think I need to spend a bit of time taking stock before launching into my new and revitalised Stainless Steel Rat project.

 The Stainless Steel Rats Revenge!

I've given the blog a bit of a spring clean with a new shiny header and removed the dead blogs from the blogroll and generally tarted things up a bit but I do have a bit of a gaping hole in the project as I no longer have any of the miniatures that constituted my old collection.

What I do have though is a decent sized board for the first time in ages as many of the games I played were restricted to roughly 2'x3' but I now have a lovely modular 3'x3' board which is just the right size for some good small scale skirmishes that will constitute my games. I also have a good collection of 15mm scale sceney that will stand in for the various worlds mentioned in the original books such as Freibur.

So where to start? I think the first thing I need to do is replace my miniatures which I hope to start doing soonish and I also need to get some more urban terrian as well as interiors to play out some RPG lite sorts of heavily scenario driven games.

Slippery Jim diGriz Approves!

Now comes the slight downside. I only have £15 a month to fund the project. This isn't acually too much of an issue as I originally started the Special Corps blog with a similar monthly budget and actually found it quite a boon as I didn't go mental buying loads of stuff but concentrated on getting just what I needed to play some games and even painting them up over a very short time period.

With this in mind, I think I am going to start my holiday with a little retail therapy and report back once I have made some progress!

I also want to spend a little time sorting out a campaign that will follow Jim's exploits starting with The Stainless Steel Rat. This will initially require me to get some civilians and police types as well as a figure to represent Jim. Once I have them sorted out, I will then start playing some scenarios which will then move onto the arrival on the scene of The Special Corps so some special agents, military types and the notorious Harold Peters Inskipp.

That should sort me out for a couple of months at least but for the meantime, All the best!

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